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Blurred Boundaries

Seriously sexy TV star, Evan Josephs, is usually a nice guy. “Usually” goes right out the window when the script they’re shooting gives him stage directions like “lean on the bar and look hot as per usual.” He’s a Yale graduate and classically trained actor for Pete’s sake. Fortunately, he’s saved his diva card for exactly this kind of situation. He demands that the writer be sent to the location to fix the crap that she wrote for him.

Tamara Keller is thrilled that not only has she sold her first freelance television script, but she sold it to her favorite show. The sale is just what she needs to finally get some momentum going in the TV writing career she’s been working to build for so long. Being summoned to the set by the ticked off star who hated her work was not an experience she expected. Neither did she expect to wake up next to said star in her bed the following morning.

Tamara has worked too hard on turning her dream into a reality. Getting overly cozy with Evan is the very thing that can derail it.

Can Tamara keep her eye on business when pleasure is oh so close?

WARNING: Sweet romance, but strong language.

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