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Losing excess pounds generally tops New Years Resolution lists. Getting into shape sounded great when you added it to your goals for the year, but how do you actually go about achieving it? Starting an exercise regimen will quickly get you off the couch and on the road to a lighter you.

Depending on how overweight you are, it’s probably not a good idea for you to jump head first into a Triathlon. Baby steps are key, especially if you’re not used to physical exercise.

Pick An Activity That You Like.

Just because running burns a lot of calories faster than most other exercises and you’re eager to see the thinner you grinning from ear to ear when you look in the mirror, you’re not going to stick with it if you don’t like running. Trust me, it’s a whole lot easier to drag your behind to the gym if you’re going there to do something you like when there are a million and one reasons why you shouldn’t go today.

Don’t know what you like? Go try everything. You’ll naturally gravitate toward an activity.

Let’s look at some of the exercises themselves. We’ll focus on things that can be found in a gym. But don’t forget, there are tons of activities outside a gym just waiting for you to consider them.

Weight Training

Should be done in combination with the cardio exercises listed below for best results. If you’re inexperienced and don’t want to hire a trainer, it’s a good idea to use the weight machines instead of free weights to cut your chances of injury. Additionally, the machines have instructions on them that tell you which muscles you’ll be working.


Good exercise that burns a lot of calories very quickly. The downside is that it’s really hard on your knees in general and even more so when you’re carrying a bunch of extra pounds.


Good alternative to running because it burns nearly the same amount of calories, but is much easier on your knees.

Stationary Bike

Even easier on the knees, but burns fewer calories. You can choose between the standard bike or a recumbent bicycle which is one that has a fuller seat and back rest.

Water Exercise

This includes swimming, deep or shallow water jogging, aerobics and resistance training. I can’t recommend water exercise enough. Swimming is the only activity where you can work your entire body simultaneously. Working out in water is extremely low impact because you'll only weigh one tenth of what you weigh on land. You won’t have to worry about your knees at all!

I know it’ll be daunting at first to don a swimsuit and head off to the pool – I am speaking from experience – but the rewards are more than worth it. As you continue your workout regimen, you’ll find you’re not even thinking twice about it. And imagine how much fun it’ll be to show off the tinier you in that bikini you’ve been wishing you could get back into!

Determine How Often You’re Going To Workout.

It is crucial that you don’t set a grueling schedule of working out twice a day every day for a couple of reasons. First, you’re setting yourself up to mentally burn out and drop the program altogether. Second, it’s too hard on your body. Your muscles will need recovery days between workouts. That’s why it’s recommended that you alternate days when weight training the muscles in your arms and legs. Larger muscle groups like the ones in your stomach can be worked every day.

Commit To Your Goal.

After you’ve picked an activity you like and set your workout schedule, you have to commit to staying on the schedule. While sporadic workouts will have limited benefit, you’ll see the best results when you’re consistent. While your body generally needs time to recover, if you give it too much, it’ll go back to the state it was in at the beginning.

If you find that it’s just too difficult to commit to the schedule you set, take another critical look at it and the reasons behind the hardship. If you determine that it may have been too ambitious, don’t be afraid to amend it to something more workable. You can always increase your workouts again later. Again, consistency is the key.

Just remember you need an activity you like, a schedule you can keep and commitment to your goal to begin – and stick with – a successful workout regimen.

Happy exercising!!

Exercise Tips for Overweight People