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 At some point in our lives we’ve all heard the emergency broadcast signal. It’s purpose is to announce a widespread disaster taking place in our country. We know the signal. We also know the message that immediately follows: “This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. The broadcasters in your area…” Blah, blah blah because now that we know the alarm was only a test, we’re free to get back to what we were doing in the first place.

 “This is only a test.”

Though we may miss the message in between, these five little words seep into our consciousness and reassure us that all is well.

Evangelist Joyce Rodgers kicked off Gospel Bash 2005 with these same words to let us know that whatever is happening in our lives is only a test.

Evangelist Rodgers shared with us that God is looking for a new worship. Not the monkey see, monkey do kind that’s so easy to fall into. He’s tired of a whole lot of noise. There’s lots of talking, but no one’s getting delivered. We have to give a new spirit to our worship to do what God wants us to do. We have to be Refreshed to Worship.

So how do we become refreshed to worship?

Evangelist Rodgers shared a little secret with us. God sends us through trials to take us to the next level. He tailors each situation perfectly to force us to go higher. He wants us to love him as much when we go through as we do when everything’s coming up roses. He checks for consistency in our praise. And when we come out, we have a new testimony.

Remember, God’s not going to send us through anything we can’t survive.

So don’t panic. It’s only a test.

Part of being refreshed to worship is using the anointing God puts on our lives. God needs to know how much anointing he can trust us with. Our character is revealed during a trial. The greater the anointing he allots for you, the greater the test you’ll have to endure.

He’s also looking for people who walk in obedience and are willing to do what he wants. You will not rest until you do all that God has called for you to do.

Evangelist Rodgers warned that while going through the test we will undergo a period of Divine Separation. Sometimes we have to leave people behind to get to where we’re supposed to go. If that task over, let it go. You can’t get to the next level with a dead body on your back.

Old attitudes: Let ‘em go.

Old ways of thinking: Let ‘em go.

Old seasons: Let ‘em go.

It’ll destroy you to not let these things go.

So once you’ve shown God that he can expect consistency in your praise no matter the situation, that you can be trusted with the anointing he wants to give you and that you’re able to let dead things go, you are refreshed to worship.

It’s time to come out and celebrate your struggle. You’ve reached a higher level. Like Evangelist Rodgers said, she’s not act like she ain’t got it because we don’t know what she went through to get it.

So the next time God sends a test your way, Don’t panic. Praise him.

After all…

It is only a test.

It’s Only a Test