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A couple years ago, I stumbled upon a startling discovery. After commuting from Long Beach to Burbank, I've learned a thing or two about managing traffic. Still, I didn't know everything.

This miraculous breakthrough happened as a result of a flat tire I got when parked at my cousin's in-laws on New Year's Day. Talk about bad timing. Or so I thought. Since it was a holiday, I couldn't go buy a new tire anywhere. The next day I had an interview at FBI Los Angeles at 9 A.M. sharp. If ever there was a time not to be late...

The AAA guy told me I shouldn't go faster than 55 mph, 60 mph at the most. Not something that's easy to hear when you're used to zipping around at 80-85 mph on a slow day. But I'm flexible. I gave myself plenty of time the next morning. Then hit the highway.

I stayed in the unfamiliar #4 lane and determinedly kept the speedometer hovering a little lower than 60 mph. As I watched the other cars whiz by me on the 405 I felt a little left out. What discipline it took not to join everybody else!

By the time I reached the 10, realization set in. I was on the busiest Los Angeles freeway in rush hour and hadn't had to stop once. I slowed down with the traffic a couple times, but never had to stop completely. Unlike my fellow speedy motorists.

God showed me that if I deliberately stay behind the traffic I'll get where I was trying to go much faster. Completely contrary to my foot-heavy ways.

Fast forward to present time.

Lately, God's been dealing with me in terms of order. I read somewhere that without traffic laws, there would be chaos. Ouch!! Those speed limit signs I'd always regarded as merely suggestions for those with no skills, finally became the laws they'd always been in my mind.

Then God showed me that whenever I speed, I'm getting ahead of Him. As past experience has taught me; that is never a good place to be. It grieved my heart to think of all the blessings I've missed because when it was time for Him to give it to me, I'd already darted ahead somewhere.

While all the old rationale I'd used to justify going 80 mph was still good, it just no longer applied. I mean I never switched lanes recklessly. Tailgating is one of my pet peeves. I always get out of the way if someone was driving faster behind me...Yes, people have even sped by me...

So while I wasn't a danger to anyone else, I was still constantly putting myself ahead of God's agenda. Being ahead is not being in order. Above all else, I want to be in order.

Once this became clear to me, it became a little easier to pry my foot out of the gas tank and slow down. This is still a work in progress, but at least it is progressing.

While I think speed limits should be raised, I'll still do my best to obey them because I love God. And who knows...maybe one of the blessings He has for me is a visit to Germany where I can drive a Lamborghini on the Autobahn. No posted speed, baby. Yeah!!!

Speeding Ahead of God