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Series Logline: After a freak training accident ends his career, a Navy SEAL retires to a small, secluded, mountain community to live out his days in peace until five local brothers initiate a reign of terror.

Pilot Logline: A small town librarian seeks to include a reclusive Navy Seal in the community camaraderie while he's determined to remain excluded.

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Series Logline: When $20 million in diamonds goes missing on her watch, an insurance adjuster and her partner for a secretive company are suspended, but figure out they were framed and set out to find who set them up.

Pilot Logline: After being suspended for losing $20 million in diamonds, a woman stays with her parents and finds herself enduring her mother’s relentless matchmaking attempts amidst other family dramas while still figuring out that she and her partner were framed.

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Series Logline: A Pastor's Daughter eagerly helps her father find his replacement so she can cut ties to the people in his church, but unwittingly falls for the new preacher and becomes the new First Lady.

Pilot Logline: A Pastor's Daughter gleefully helps her father find his replacement so she can cut ties to the church folk, but a new preacher convinces her father to stay and mentor him in ministry.

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Series Logline: A couple private investigators who specialize in cyber surveillance stumble into the niche of celebrity clientele who have stalkers.

Pilot Logline: After the woman stalking her favorite actor threatens her parents, a cyber investigator works on the fringes of the law to convince the woman to redirect her unwanted attention.

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Series Logline: An assassin, determined to reset America's corrupt social systems by eliminating the criminal 1% who run them, has to evade the Secret Service agent he pissed off when he executed the controversial presidential candidate under her protection.

Pilot Logline: An assassin who targets the criminal 1% ticks off a Secret Service agent when he eliminates the presidential candidate under her protection.

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Series Logline: A team of synchronized swimmers dive into crime fighting after they’re blamed for the murder of one of their members.

Pilot Logline: When the alternate they all hated turns up murdered, a tight knit team of synchronized swimmers race to clear their name of suspicion in time to travel to their next National Championship.

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Series Logline: A black woman has to work through her identity crisis while trying to keep her white birth family from imploding after their patriarch is murdered.

Pilot Logline: In a desperate attempt to save her business, an adopted woman seeks out the wealthy man suspected of raping her birth mother, for a loan only to be embraced by his family so thoroughly that she has no way out.

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Series Logline: A rock star fakes his death at the height of his fame only to resurface 25 years later in a tribute band to himself.

Pilot Logline: Having faked his death to get away from the pressures of fame, a rock star has his perfect new life turned upside down when his first wife shows up wanting to manage his new band.

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Series Logline: Alone and undercover in a white nationalist organization, a black woman who passes for white, teams up with a local sheriff to disrupt the group’s mission to commit genocide on U.S. soil.

Pilot Logline: Undercover with a white nationalist organization who plans to commit genocide, a black woman who passes for white, risks her cover to bring a bomber who targets minorities to justice so she can get to back dismantling the group from the inside.

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