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tv specs ALIAS “Welcome Home”  Logline: After a mysterious two year absence, Sydney learns that she alone can fulfill the Rambaldi Prophecy and destroy Sloane who is now the dominant global power. Read script here: PSYCH “Synchronized Murder”  Logline: When a synchronized swimmer drowns during her routine at competition, Shawn impulsively accuses the girl's duet partner of murder hoping Lassiter will allow him and Gus on the case. Read script here: ONCE UPON A TIME “A Tale of Two Fish Wives”  Logline: When Ariel comes to Storybrooke on a mission to get her voice back and kill Regina, not necessarily in that order, Mary Margaret vows to help her. Read script here: BILLIONS “Bulls, Bullies, Bullshit”  Logline: Axe and Chuck enjoy a temporary cease fire when a common enemy creeps up on their radar. Read script here: BLUE BLOODS “Hushed”  Logline: Danny and Baez investigate when a famous singer goes missing, and his bodyguard turns up dead. Read script here: Threat Matrix “Telemarketing Terrorists” Logline: The Threat Matrix team takes on a terrorist cell who use a telemarketing scam to raise funds. Read script here: THIS IS US “These Kids Are All Right”  Logline: Randall’s false arrest for substantially injuring a problem foster boy jeopardizes Deja’s adoption process and lands Tess and Annie in the foster care system. Read script here: CRIMINAL MINDS “Nazi Hunter”  Logline: The BAU travels to Los Angeles when a string of cashiers are tortured and murdered. Read script here: ANGEL “Doubles Trouble”  Logline: Cordelia's mothering instincts surface when a demon clones himself to end the world, but doesn't count on the clone being sweet and childlike. Read script here: