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Tv spec samples

GINNY & GEORGIA "To Protect & Serve Whom?"

After an incident with Ginny and Bracia leaves a racist cop in the hospital, the citizens of Wellsbury fall prey to their own unconscious biases which threatens to tear the town apart forever.

ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST "Zoey's Extraordinary Expectations"

When Zoey throws herself into the development of the Sprq Pen, a device that would have helped her father communicate, she ends up spread too thin and has to reassess her priorities after missing out on her friends, her family, and her life.

GREENLEAF "Shame the Devil"

After Bob Whitmore successfully folded the megachurch the Greenleafs built into his church conglomerate and stripped them of power, Lady Mae unites the family and the rest of Calvary's members in the battle to save Calvary from his clutches.

SUCCESSION "Sleeping Dogs Bite"

After his failed coup attempt, Kendall goes to war with an anti-vaxx Mommy Blogger which threatens Waystar Royco's stake in both Big Pharma and the essential oil industries. Meanwhile, Roman's lead launch engineer refuses to take any further orders from him after an ATN reporter gets an unarmed black man shot by the cops and says that Roman instructed him to do it.

THIS IS US "These Kids Are Alright"

Randall's false arrest for substantially injuring a problematic foster boy jeopardizes Deja's adoption process and lands Tess and Annie in foster care.

BILLIONS "Bulls, Bullies & Bullshit"

Axe and Chuck enjoy a temporary cease fire when a common enemy creeps up on their radar.


Danny and Baez investigate when a famous singer goes missing and his bodyguard turns up dead.

SCANDAL "Screw the White Hat"

Olivia Pope has amnesia. Piecing together that her life is infinitely better where she has no idea who she is, she's faced with the a hard choice when her memory returns: Go back to being Olivia Pope: Gladiator. Or keep it a secret and just be Olivia: Happy.

JUSTIFIED "The Way Lady Luck Dances"

When Rachel goes missing, Raylan and Tim fear the Mexican cartel is out for revenge until they uncover evidence that her disappearance is related to a horse-racing scam her husband's mistress is running.

ONCE UPON A TIME "A Tale of Two Fish Wives"

When Ariel comes to Storybrooke on a mission to get her voice back and kill Regina, not necessarily in that order, Mary Margaret vows to help her.


The BAU travels to Los Angeles when a string of cashiers are tortured and murdered.

PSYCH "Synchronized Murder"

When a synchronized swimmer drowns during her routine at competition, Shawn impulsively accuses the woman's duet partner of murder hoping Lassiter will allow him and Gus on the case.

THREAT MATRIX "Telemarketing Terrorists"

The Threat Matrix team take on a terrorist cell that uses a telemarketing scam to raise funds.

ALIAS "Welcome Home"

After a mysterious two year absence, Sydney learns that she alone can fulfill the Rambaldi Prophecy and destroy Sloane who is now the dominant global super power.

ANGEL "Doubles Trouble"

Cordelia's mothering instincts surface when a demon clones himself to end the world, but doesn't count on the clone being sweet and filled with childlike wonder.