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Lori Crawford is a synchronized swimming, Christian erotica writing, preacher's kid from a small Ohio town who dutifully marched off to Washington University in St. Louis and earned a degree in Psychology. Her mother hoped she’d become a lawyer, but Lori got the last laugh when her mock trial advisor selected her for a CBS News internship in NYC. Meeting the writers’ assistant for AS THE WORLD TURNS redirected her career path to Hollywood.

Since moving to L.A., she’s amassed a ton of writing material while working corporate temp jobs at places like HBO, Disney TVA, and the Writers Guild Foundation until Warner Music Group lost a bet and hired her full time. Because she loves cramming 25 hours of work into a 24-hour day, Lori continued working as a reader for Final Draft and Coverage, Ink.

Ever impractical with a healthy dose of an entrepreneurial spirit, Lori funded her addiction to synchronized swimming by becoming an extreme couponer. She opened her Sassy Savers Shop in her cubicle at WMG and sold coupon-purchased products like shampoo to her co-workers at a 50% discount. The earnings allowed her to compete in Australia, Sweden, and Italy where she became a World Champion.

Lori tapped into these varied experiences and published five romance novels, including the Christian erotica which became her best seller. On the screenwriting front, she’s been a finalist in several high-profile contests like the Austin Film Festival, the Page Awards, and NBC’s Writers on the Verge.

Currently, Lori spends her days working with an annoyingly healthy team at Disney Music Group. To counter all this good emotional intelligence, she spends her nights creating characters who stab jerks in the penis to make them bleed out or characters who take down rival spies with a bag of glitter. Lori firmly believes that it’s important to find balance in life.