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Welcome to the Reading Room.

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CONNECTED BY HEART read sample here

CRAY’S CREEK read sample here

FAMILY SPIES read sample here

FIRST LADY read sample here

STALKERS ‘R’ US read sample here

SYNCHRONUT JUSTICE read sample here

RESET read sample here

THE ALT WRONG read sample here

TRIBUTE read sample here

THIS IS US “These Kids Are All Right” read here

BILLIONS “Bulls, Bullies & Bullshit” read here

BLUE BLOODS “Hushed” read here

SCANDAL “Screw the White Hat” read here

JUSTIFIED “The Way Lady Luck Dances” read here

ONCE UPON A TIME “A Tale of Two Fishwives” read here

CRIMINAL MINDS “Nazi Hunter” read here

PSYCH “Synchronized Murder” read here

THREAT MATRIX “Telemarketing Terrorists” read here

ALIAS “Welcome Home” read here

ANGEL “Doubles Trouble” read here


Byline read sample here

Marital Bliss read sample here

Pure Motives read sample here

Taffy & Daisy Go To K-Mart read sample here

Who Wants To Be A Preacher’s Wife read sample here



Celebrate You read here

Loving Enemies read here

Pomp & Circumstance read here

Where Are The Works read here




Analyzing the Automaker Bailout

Are You Blessed and Highly Favored?

Charitable Shopping for Free

Decoding a Couponer's Language

Easy Flexibility Exercises You Can Do at Home

Estelle Getty: Thank You for Being a Friend

Exercise Tips for Overweight People

Fire Recovery: Being Prepared

Fire Recovery: Tips for Dealing with Your Insurance Company

Fremantle Prison Escapes: Brenden Abbott

Fremantle Prison Escapes: John Boyle O'Reilly and the Fenians

Fremantle Prison Escapes: Moondyne Joe

God's Bank and Trust

High Yield Reward Checking the Sassy Saver Way

How to Roll Register Rewards at Walgreens

How to Safely Remove Asbestos

I'm Not a Mystery Shopper!!

It’s Only a Test

Learning How to Swim

Reflections on the Word: Deuteronomy 28:8

Refund Anticipation Loans: Not a Sassy Move

Sassy Seven Coupon Myths

Saving for a Sassy Retirement

Screenwriting: How to Write an Effective Set Piece

Shopping for Free at CVS

Should Christians Play the Lottery

Speeding Ahead of God

Taking an Inside Look at the FBI Without Getting Arrested or Shot

Televangelists Under Investigation

Ten Things New Screenwriters Do to Get Their Script Tossed

The Extent of Good Stewardship

The Return of the Drive-55 Law: Driving 55 MPH

What’s Your Passion?

Worst Family Reunion Ever!


Blurred Boundaries                     read excerpt here

The Marriage Curve                     read excerpt here

Thwarting Cupid                         read excerpt here

Royal Opposites                         read excerpt here

Secret Bodyguard                       read excerpt here